Hello everyone and welcome!

I am Mathieu, a young and passionate pilot. This is my very first article of so many to come.


It all started in May 2014 during a holiday in San Francisco, when I was 25; I decided to start from zero, a new start to make a dream come true: become a pilot.

In 2014 the aviation industry wasn’t at its best even if it was worse before due to the economic crisis in 2008. Finding a job was complicated, lots of pilots were unemployed (especially in France). My teachers and instructors told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of moving away from France of course but maybe even further than Europe, to Asia in order to find a job! I knew the risks but I was determined to do what I always dreamed off! Fly.

Every experienced pilots I talked with advised me to always have a plan B before going to aviation as it’s a difficult and unpredictable sector! So I had to get a plan B in case something would go wrong such as a loss of medical licence or anything else that would prevent me to become a pilot.


That’s why I chose to do a Bachelor in Aeronautical Science and Management with Skema Business school at Sophia Antipolis while learning how to fly. I learned different aspects in aviation like how to create and design an airport, how to manage it, how to improve its facilities? Manage the logistic, open a new route for airline but also so many different subjects such has the human body and its interaction with altitude, CRM (crew ressource and management) etc.


The program for the 4 years:

  • September 2014 to April 2015: bachelor courses + Glider in Fayence, France.
  • May – June 2015: PPL (Private Pilot Licence) at Biscarrosse, France with ENAC.
  • Fall 2015 semester: bachelor courses & building hours
  • January 2016 to January 2017: ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence).
  • Spring 2017 semester: bachelor courses & building hours
  • Fall 2017 semester: exchange student at Embry Riddle, Daytona Beach, FL, USA.
  • April – June 2018: FTE Flight Deck plus, modular pilot.


Thanks to this bachelor I met and became close friend with Julia and Guillaume with who I spent 4 years having fun and discovering aviation together. We did the same program from the start to finish and we shared so many things together but the best is yet to come, you will know why later on!

That was it, I was going back to school at 25 and learn how to fly; it was going to be a long and complex road but I would finally do what I love!



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