Becoming a pilot.

Why is it difficult? Well, first the biggest drawback is the price, becoming a pilot is really expensive! Just to give you an idea we are talking around 60k€ to 100k€. That’s only for the initial training which means getting your licences: PPL, ATPL, CPL IR ME, MCC. Yes in aviation there are millions of acronyms.

Then the most difficult part for a new and inexperienced pilot: TO FIND A JOB. I’ll create a post later on to talk about this arduous part for a pilot.

Once you have finally found a job, you will have to pay (again!) your TR which can cost between 15 to 35k€. (TR = Type rating, in others words, a licence to fly an aircraft which is normally above 5700kg). These figures are average; of course you can have a cheaper flying school and/or TR, for example Ryanair offers a B737 TR for 5k€, but make sure to always read the small * at the bottom of the contract!

After the financial barrier, you have to be a hard worker, you’re constantly reading and learning new things even if you’re experienced. Once you step in, be prepared to take a lot of exams! Theoretical exams, flying exams, language exams, but also a medical class valid for one year (expensive of course) and once you’re in a company you’ll have a simulator test every 6 months or every year depending the company you’re working for. Being a pilot means always being tested. Why? Safety first!

During your training you will have ups and downs, it’s normal, every pilot has experienced that, but never lose sight of your goal. Your motivation will be essential.

Fortunately there are different ways to be in a cockpit that can be cheaper, quicker or with the guarantee to get a job at the end of your training.

As the aviation industry is booming, airline companies need more and more pilots to fly their aircrafts. The most common and safest way nowadays is called a ‘Cadet program’.You can be an integrated student in a flying school and finally there is also the possibility to do like I did as a ‘modular pilot’ which offers more flexibility and a lower price.




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